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Tired of Sitting around Jobless? Start a Blog!

By Ventures Marketing on Aug 31, 2020 1:59:03 PM

Blogs are a way to release your creative juices and make money talking about what you love. Do you love to travel? Make your blog about travel. If you love to craft, create a craft blog, etc. The concept can be extravagant, or simple. It’s up to you and the time you allot yourself to dedicated blog work. Many of your favorite websites may have at one time been a blog concept.

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SEO and coronavirus: How COVID-19 is changing the search game as we know it

By Ventures Marketing on Aug 31, 2020 1:53:08 PM

For many businesses, COVID-19 has been a game changer. Physical operations may even have closed down, and it's easy to stop marketing your business when you think it's over. However, digital strategies like search engine optimization (SEO) are more crucial than ever, and it doesn't require a ridiculous budget like a paid search campaign.

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How COVID-19 has affected the construction industry

By Ventures Marketing on Aug 31, 2020 1:40:43 PM

With new safety guidelines due to COVID-19, the construction industry has certainly changed. For example, workers must wear masks over noses and masks to prevent the spread of the virus, but many of the guidelines also pertain to cleanliness and disinfecting job sites.

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